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Four Days Of Aussie Rock ANZAC Day Festival At The Pub

The ANZAC Day Australian Rock Tribute Festival at The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel, promises to be a captivating homage to four legendary Australian bands - INXS, Cold Chisel, the Divinyls and AC/DC.

Featuring local favourite, Dellacoma Rio who will be channelling the spirit of INXS, Adam Spizzo who is from the High Voltage Show, Richard Champion who sings with Filthy Animals and is an ex-AFL football legend, and Tara Graham from Captain Thunderbolt Band and the All About Gwen Tribute. 

With this all-star cast of performers this is a rock-tacular weekend to put in your calendar and it’s all live, loud and totally free at your favourite local.

In an exclusive interview, we caught up with the Australian INXS show’s lead singer Dellacoma Rio, who will be front and centre as he embodies the essence of INXS's Michael Hutchence.

Dell also fronts his own band called Dellacoma Rio, and he will be bringing the Festival of Rock to a close on the Sunday by performing his original music, with some of his favourite covers sure to be included.

The rest of his band are flying up from Melbourne for the event and to celebrate what is expected to be an incredible weekend of rock.

Dell's journey into music was deeply rooted in his upbringing, with a familial passion for singing. Despite initially exploring acting during his time in the US, he ultimately gravitated towards performing and singing.

It wasn't until his mid-twenties that Dell decided to pursue music professionally.

Dell said, “it’s something that’s just always been in my blood”.

“The band was born out of a belief and an inner knowing that I wasn’t done playing music yet.”

For Dell, paying homage to INXS comes as a natural progression, encouraged by audiences, both in the industry as well as regular punters over the years who would often point out a resemblance between him and Michael Hutchence.

Dell says it can be challenging from the standpoint that “everyone has a preconceived notion of who the legendary performer Michael was”, however, Dell says he finds freedom in helping people unlock memories through this music, or from when they were watching the original band back in the day.

“It’s about paying tribute to the music and the legacy that he left behind for audiences to enjoy,” he remarked.

The tribute shows often have audiences in tears as they reconnect with the timeless melodies of INXS. Through the immersive experience of live performances, Dell and his band transport listeners back in time, capturing the essence of the original band's heyday.

Dell is looking forward to showcasing the INXS Tribute Show alongside other legendary tribute acts over the four-day festival.

Get ready for an action-packed event which includes four days of entertainment, beginning with the ANZAC Day Australia Rock Tribute Festival, followed by Cold Chisel and ACDC on the Friday, and then INXS and the Divinyls on Saturday and culminating with the Dellacoma Rio show on the Sunday.


WHAT: Australia Rock Tribute Festival
WHEN: ANZAC Day Thursday 25th April – 12 Noon till 6pm

WHAT: Cold Chisel vs AC/DC
WHEN: Friday 26th April, 2PM – 5.30PM

WHEN: Saturday 27th April 2pm-5.30pm

WHAT: Dellacoma
WHEN:  Sunday 28th April, 2pm–5.30pm

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