Thursday, May 16, 2024


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Free Seedlings From Plant Girl

For four years now Oceana Little has been selling plants for pocket money and her entrepreneurial spirit has become quite well known in the community, giving her the affectionate nickname of ‘plant girl’.

Growing almost any variety of plants and vegetables, Oceana has grown lettuce, tomato, capsicums and many others.

When they reach a good size, she then sells her plants for $1 or $2 for some pocket money and she loves doing it.

With her reputation for loving plants, many people in the community have started donating plants or seedlings to Oceana so she can continue her legacy as ‘plant girl’.

This kind gesture, however, has left Oceana with an over-abundance, so she decided it was time to spread the love of nature within the community by offering some of the plants and seedlings to anyone who might like them.

She has started to give her seedlings away for free to either kids or adults, whoever wants to take them!

Oceana has grown up knowing that it’s good to give and it was entirely her idea to give the seeds away for free.

Her mother said, “it’s good to pass things on when other kids could make use of it, and she’s grown up knowing that.”

Oceana’s mum posted on Facebook advertising the giveaway and they still have some left if anyone would like any.

Oceana Little is giving away some extra plants and seedlings to members of the community. Photo supplied

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