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From Broadcasts To Boarding Passes`7890-

Having worked in the radio industry for the better part of a decade I have given away my fair share of holidays, but at 28 years old, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t travelled since I became an adult. Any memories of foreign lands date back to when I was living on ‘the bank of Mum and Dad’. I always thought I’d love to explore the world with ‘the one I love’ but alas, I’m in my late 20s, single as hell, and still haven’t left the country since I was 11!

That’s all about to change for me personally because next year is the BIG one. The dreaded three-o. I’m not particularly good with change so I decided to disassociate and do three things I’ve never done before to mark my three decades of life. Travel internationally as a grown-up, go on a girl’s trip, and explore Thailand!

I’ve already got my money tin starting to save, despite not even having had my 29th birthday yet! But if reading this does anything for you, let it be the inspiration to start the group chat. Look at the travel hack videos and start planning an international trip with people you care about. It could be the bestie, the friendship group or the family. It could be for this year, next year or the one after that!

It really doesn’t matter, if you put $20 in a tin every week for a year, you’ve already got yourself over $1,000 so think how early it would be to pay off a trip to a paradise like Bali or Thailand within a year or two. We’re so lucky to have so many incredible places to see and visit in our own backyard which many of us partake in regularly, but sometimes I think we get so comfortable in our own home; at some point, we need to put ourselves out there and become the tourists. Explore something different and unknown. Push ourselves out of our comfort zones because that’s where our wisdom and experience grows.

Anyways, clearly, you can tell I’m excited for August 2025 and it makes thirty look a whole lot more appealing. Frankly, I take regular naps, focus on my fitness and use expensive night cream already so 30 is just shaping up to be my 20s with more money at this rate so I’ll take it!

At Star FM we’ve been giving one person in Mackay and The Whitsundays the chance to get in the draw to win a trip for two to London with Star’s Take Me To London. That one is being drawn on Saturday 29th of July on the Airlie Beach foreshore at the markets. If you’re in Airlie, pop down and see us for the big draw!


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