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Little Treehouse Lane Is Your New Parenting Partner

In the world of parenting, every little thing matters. That's where Little Treehouse Lane steps in, not just as a store but as a haven for parents seeking solutions and celebrating special moments.

Nyomi Davidson, the founder of this one-stop-family-shop, understands that raising children can be a rollercoaster of surprises and challenges. With six kids of her own, Nyomi has experienced it all, and that personal touch defines the essence of Little Treehouse Lane.

The story behind this heartwarming venture began when Nyomi found herself expecting her sixth child, a delightful but unexpected blessing. As someone who hadn't navigated the world of baby supplies for some time, Nyomi was taken aback by the overwhelming choices available online. The frustration of paying postage fees for online orders ignited the idea of creating a physical space where parents could see, touch, and explore the products before making a decision. Little Treehouse Lane brings together a myriad of popular online brands under one roof.

In a digital age dominated by influencers, it's often challenging to separate the hype from genuine quality. Nyomi and her experienced team have personally tried and tested most of the range and are happy to recommend the best solutions for your needs. Little Treehouse Lane isn't about pushing products; it's about offering guidance and practical solutions to simplify parenting.

While the store primarily caters to babies, it offers solutions for all stages of family life. From pregnancy and postpartum care to back-to-school essentials, Little Treehouse Lane has something for everyone. It even stocks larger items like prams, car seats, and capsules. The 6-in-1 Jiffle pram is a gamechanger that's turning heads among parents.

Little Treehouse Lane's range of clothing and accessories is simply adorable. Nyomi's commitment to uniqueness shines through in her inventory. She often orders only one of each size, ensuring that your purchase feels special and exclusive. The store features popular brands such as Oi Oi, MontiiCo, Spewy, Ergopouch, Cracked Soda, Indigo & Lellow, Snotty Boss, and many more. It's a curated collection of your favourite online brands, conveniently accessible without the hassle of multiple postage fees.

And the store doesn’t just cater to parenting needs; it's about embracing an eco-friendly way of life. Step inside, and you'll discover a mesmerising rainbow wall adorned with reusable lunch boxes, drink bottles, and eating accessories built to last years and years. These bento-style lunchboxes aren't just about reducing waste; they're about maximising the joy of mealtime. These items won’t just sit in cupboards, they will become an integral part of your child's daily routine.

With Little Treehouse Lane, parenting becomes a little easier, and special moments become a lot more memorable.

Nyomi (right) and her team at Little Treehouse Lane, located upstairs at Caneland Shopping Centre, are here to help make parenthood that little bit easier. Photo credit: Amanda Wright

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