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From Dahl To Kiwi Eggs, Why Reading Matters

Editors Note

Ah, the days of curling up with a Roald Dahl classic, the era when my imagination was sparked by the magic of words. Fast forward from my childhood to today, and life's script has added a new character: my 5-month-old son. While his attention span for books might rival a squirrel's, I seize every chance to introduce him to the imaginary world of storytelling.

One gem in our collection is a heartfelt token from one of my New Zealand aunt’s – a book titled "Kuwi the Kiwi." Now, before you envision me audibly reading to my son in an exaggerated Kiwi accent, let's focus on the real narrative. This little masterpiece resonated deeply with me. It struck a chord the very first time I flipped through its pages, perhaps because it wasn't just about a feathered friend named Kuwi, but about a mother's earnest worries and hopes – a tale that touched even this sleep-deprived mum's heart.

Kuwi, for those not in the know, had never experienced the egg-life before. The poor bird fretted about its temperature and even shed a few beak-nibbled tears when it cracked. Spoiler alert: Despite the egg breaking, there was a happy ending.

When it comes to the importance of reading to children, last week’s Book Week served up a quirky reminder to parents – and let’s face it, love them or loathe them, character costumes are the stuff of parental legend. Whether you're fashioning cardboard cutouts or scouring thrift shops for that elusive Sherlock Holmes hat, the real message amid the costume chaos is the importance of cultivating a love for reading in children.

The message isn't merely about the ABCs or 123s; it's the symphony of stories that shape minds, ignite imaginations, and nourish empathy. Consider this an ode to the bedtime stories, the giggles over rhymes, and the inexplicable charm of a good ol' dog-eared book.

Your child's literary journey is a narrative still being written, and with every page turned, you're casting a spell that even Harry Potter would approve of.


Reading Kuwi the Kiwi to my son for the first time when he was 8 weeks old

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