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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

From Skeletal Stray To Beloved Companion

When Chester arrived at Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated (MPRI), he was in a dire state, skeletal and weighed just 2.1 kilograms.

His fur was matted, causing him immense pain with every movement. A thorough vet check revealed his weak condition, with a heart rate of 220 bpm and severe worm infestation.

Chester was unable to undergo vaccinations or microchipping due to his underweight status and fragile state, although, he received the best care at the Northern Beaches Veterinary Hospital and was treated with compassion whilst he received a good grooming to alleviate the discomfort.

Under the care of experienced foster carer Peta, Chester's rehabilitation has since been on the mend. With a heat mat for warmth and a carefully regulated feeding schedule to prevent re-feeding syndrome, every effort was made to ensure his comfort and recovery.

Despite the odds, Chester remains a sweet and gentle soul, responding to affection with purrs and gratitude. His rescuer, Gemma, played a vital role in bringing him to safety and initiating his journey to health.

“Chester is a darling gentle boy,” the MPRI team remarked.

“We are so grateful to Gemma for seeing Chester’s plight, for bringing him inside and for contacting MPRI.

“Without her intervention Chester would not have survived this winter.

“We will keep you updated on Chester’s progress.”

While Chester's future remains uncertain, the dedication of his caregivers and the support of MPRI offer hope for his continued improvement. Each day brings new progress, and with commitment from the team, Chester's journey toward a brighter tomorrow continues.

Chester almost didn’t survive his circumstances but thankfully he was rescued and is now on the road to recovery. Updates of his wellbeing to come. Photo Credit: Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated (Facebook)

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