Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

From Snow To A Trio Of Shows

Winter is my favourite time of the year in Mackay!
To be fair, when I lived in New Zealand, I loved winter too. Living at the base of Mt Hutt skifield in Mid Canterbury, we had regular blankets of snow, which I always found utterly magical.
However, I have an even fonder love for winter in Mackay. No de-icing the car windscreen, no slipping on icy driveways and I still rarely need to hunt out a pair of socks. But what truly makes winter my favourite time of year here in Mackay, besides the stunning sunny, mild weather, is...drumroll, please... Show week!
Yes, all the carnival delights, starting with the Pioneer Valley Show, followed by Mackay a few days later. If we really wanted to go for a hat trick, we could head to the Whitsundays on Friday too! Three shows in one week—now that's what I call a triple treat. I had a blast at the Pioneer Valley Show last Sunday, as you can tell by the double-page spread of photos on pages 24-25. My son went to his first show last year, the Mackay Show, before he was even three months old. This year, he rode the little pirate ship solo—his very first ride without a co-pilot. My husband had a ball taking him down the big slide while I was on teacup ride duty, spinning into dizziness.
It was extra special because my parents are visiting from New Zealand, experiencing their first Aussie show day. We indulged in the obligatory Dagwood Dog, and my Dad asked, "Why is it a saveloy instead of a sausage?" Ah, the subtle nuances of culinary delights across the Tasman! My mum was keen to try a twisted potato, while I was curious about hot buttered corn on the cob and mushrooms on a stick. A special shout-out to Finch Hatton State School for their delicious steak burgers—the long line spoke volumes!
I hope you managed to catch some of that show magic at one of the region's events this week, and if you missed out, don't fret—there's always Sarina later in the year!


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