Thursday, November 16, 2023


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Gardening Tips For Dry Weather

Although the Mackay region usually has a substantial wet season during Summer, in the coming months your garden might benefit from a bit of preparation.

With weather forecasts predicting a drier and hotter run over the season than we are usually accustomed to, you may find it beneficial to get ahead and change up your gardening routine before the warmer climate arrives.

Find some helpful tips in this guide to help your garden battle against dry weather conditions.

Roses are very forgiving plants, tolerating harsh dry times as well as the rainy periods that will eventually return.

Herb plants coupled with ornamentals can create a unique and useful garden. Drought conditions do not negatively affect most herbs, these plants are usually killed by over-watering.

Many (but not all) Australian natives are well adapted to dry conditions. Drought-tolerant plants are not tolerant to waterlogging. So ironically, good drainage is important to consider when planting in a drought.

Mulching is essential for water retention and insulating your garden bed.

Try to water your garden between 5am and 10am when sunlight is low, winds are calm and temperatures are cooler. Less water is lost to evaporation and wind during this time.

Irrigation at night can lead to fungus growth as leaves can remain wet overnight. By irrigating in the morning, leaves have a chance to dry out during the day.

You can do your own further investigation on drought-resistant gardening by using books, local gardening associations and plant nurseries.

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