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Gardian Hosts Commercial Insight Night Featuring Campbell Newman

As the demand for commercial real estate investment continues to surge, the team at Gardian Real Estate, hosted a commercial insight night where guests were given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of growing interest and investment demands in commercial real estate.

Monday night’s event at Ocean International presented an invaluable platform to explore current market trends and potential benefits of investment as professional keynote speakers embedded in the industry informed and educated both individuals and businesses involved in the commercial domain.

Starting out as a real estate agency, Gardian has branched their company to an all-in-one hub, consisting of Gardian Finance and Mortgage Choice, Insurance, Financial Planning, Residential Sales, Property Management and Commercial Sales, giving clients a range of services to suit all their needs.

Legal professionals, solicitors and accountants who play pivotal roles in the commercial real estate landscape also attended on the night, sharing a wide array of knowledge on legal considerations as well as potential obstacles in commercial real estate transactions.

Specially up from Brisbane for the event, Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, was a special guest speaker on the night. As one of Queensland's most successful property experts, he shared his insights on the advantages of investing in the Mackay region, offering general product advice and commentary for those looking at individual or wholesale investing.

Mr Newman is a commercial property investor who has identified opportunities in Mackay and has significant investments within the Gardian commercial sector. He now owns his own company, Arcana Capital and is a proud commercial property investor to five commercial properties wide-spread over the Mackay region.

Mr Newman said, “It’s great to be here this evening, I do love Mackay.

“Out of anywhere in Australia, we’ve got more property here than anywhere else. We’ve got three industrial properties in Paget, a medical centre on Nebo Road and we also just recently bought a large retail asset in Mount Pleasant.”

Throughout the evening he discussed current marketing trends, the economy and how certain factors impact commercial real estate as well as the process of purchasing a commercial property based on his experience and expertise in the industry.

Caption: Mark Kelly, Commercial Sales and Leasing Agent

Caption: (Left to right) Ben Kerrisk, Chris Bonanno and Campbell Newman

Caption: David Fisher and Luke Podosky

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