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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Get HOOKED On Mackay

The Mackay region proudly stands as one of Australia's premier recreational fishing destinations, and it won't be long before you too get hooked on Mackay! Whether you're chasing hard-hitting pelagics offshore, iconic barramundi and sooty grunter in the dams, or exciting sports fish right at Mackay's doorstep, there's something for everyone – from the novice angler to the seasoned pro.

With its very own net-free zone, Mackay caters to anglers of all levels, ensuring year-round fishing excitement that will have your lines tight and rods bent in no time.

Explore large creek systems like Rocky Dam Creek in the south near Koumala, the picturesque bluewater Pioneer River in the heart of town, and head north to the Mackay Net Free Zone, an angler's paradise. The region is blessed with an abundance of pristine fisheries, featuring wild estuary systems with mangrove-lined banks, scattered rock and sand bars, and an array of fishing opportunities.

The Mackay Net Free Zone, extending from Cape Hillsborough to the northern end of St Helens Bay, is a prime location for targeting barramundi, grunter, mangrove jack, salmon, and various other species during the cooler months.

Access to this fishing haven is facilitated through all-tide boat ramps at Victor Creek, Seaforth, and Murray Creek, Mt Pelion. Additionally, a sheltered half-tide ramp is available to the north of St Helens Beach.

Other renowned creek systems in the area, such as Constant Creek, Reliance Creek, Alligator Creek, Sandy Creek, and Rocky Dam Creek, are popular hotspots for species like barra, grunter, mangrove jack, salmon, flathead, and bream. McCready's Creek near Slade Point is also favoured for crabbing and family outings, offering opportunities to catch bream, whiting, and flathead.

Otherwise, head to one of the beaches, cast a line and try your luck.

So, gear up and get ready to experience the thrill of fishing in the diverse waters of Mackay!

Mangrove Jack. Photo credit: Hooked on Mackay

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