Thursday, January 11, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Get To know the Tourism Whitsundays team  Alyssa Turner


What is your role at Tourism Whitsundays?

My role at Tourism Whitsundays is Brand and Marketing Executive. The Whitsundays brand is my baby; I love watching campaigns and projects begin in the ideation phase and seeing them come to fruition, knowing that, as a team, we achieved that and delivered results for the destination.


What is your ideal weekend in The Whitsundays?

My ideal weekend in The Whitsundays is, of course, taking advantage of our stunning backyard. For me, the ultimate weekend is leaving the mainland behind and camping on one of the Islands. My favourites would have to be Henning Island, Thomas Island or one of the protected bays in Cid Harbour. There’s nothing like watching the sunset from the water with a drink in hand, hoping to catch an arvo fish.


How long have you been in The Whitsundays?

I’ve lived in The Whitsundays all my life; my parents met on Hamilton Island, and the rest is history!


What’s the one thing about The Whitsundays you think everyone should know?

I think everyone should know that The Whitsundays and its surroundings offer so much beauty. You just have to walk outside! Whether it’s hiking the Honeyeater Lookout, going to Hamilton Island for the day, having lunch at Cape Gloucester, or camping at Lake Proserpine, the options are endless. You just have to make the most of it, and you’ll see that this community has so much to offer, and we should be so proud of where we live!

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