Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Getting Involved Within The Wider Automotive Industry

And What That Can Achieve

How many times have you heard Employers say that “kids today just don’t want to work” or “It’s impossible to find the right people”.

With covid in the past, and as the new reality of business sets in, it is time to start asking different questions, of ourselves, our peers and our industry.

What can we do better? How do we learn from leaders within our industry?  Why do we need to judge industries that market to employees better?

The automotive industry for the most part has, undervalued the importance of growing stronger together.  There are organisations that are leading the way in change and direction.

Auto Ready Training and the Careers Expo run by the MTAQ and held locally at McCarthy Panel Works was attended by over 120 people.

Students, Parents, Teachers, Trainers, Suppliers, Business owners and both local and state Government representatives.

It is a true reflection of what ingenuity and positive push can achieve.

It is time to grow the Automotive industry together, reach out and get involved.

Over the course of the Easter holidays 30 students had the opportunity to learn and understand about the workings around safety and mechanics of vehicles through hands on experience with 2 Qualified MTAQ Trainers

“We’ve learned about safety, about mechanical components of a car – the brakes, electrical systems and so – we are pulling apart engines at the moment, and we are learning about crucial things we might need to know,” said Daniel Yarnold, a student at Mackay Christian College.

“I really enjoyed this week,” he added. “I got to see the workplace, work with professionals from the industry . . . and I am more interested in the industry now because I can see how it all works and get an appreciation of it.”

Andrea McCarthy
Owner, McCarthy Panel Works

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