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Give Me Your Love

As passionate about music as he is about life, multi-instrumentalist Simon Briley, has been busy writing and producing a swath of new music and is now ready to show the world.

Simon says that his first single, Give Me Your Love, is an alluring pop song, painting a picture in words of a love so strong it can move men to war.

“It speaks about the kind of love that intoxicates you, making all other feelings dull in comparison,” he said.

Originally from a small town called Maidstone in Southeast England, Simon comes from a musical family and has grown up with music all around him.

In primary school he enjoyed singing and it wasn’t long before he was selected to perform in national choirs.

At age seven, his dad bought him his first guitar, but ever since watching his uncle play drums, Simon had dreamt of having his own drum kit.

He was 13 when that wish eventually came true.

From here, he grew up playing in bands and was part of a well-known band called Bandicoot for many years.

Together they toured the world, signed record deals, and travelled internationally for almost a decade before deciding to part a few years ago.

While they were touring, Simon met a few Australians and came to the country to travel, eventually finding his way to the Whitsundays with his partner.

Since then, he has enjoyed playing gigs across town – from weddings to parties, pubs, and clubs – he is a well-known face on the music scene.

He is also now part of a band called Flying Double Front Kick with two other well-known musicians – Kaeden McCarthy and Nick di Gregorio.

Together they have been busy recording songs, performing music and are set to release four EPs this year.

In his solo gig, Simon has several other releases coming out soon with an album expected by the end of the year.

Each song is more instrumental than the last and Simon plays each instrument himself, from piano and keyboard to bass and drums.

You can check out this talented musician by looking him up on Amazon Music, Spotify, or Apple Music.

Or follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Alternatively, listen out for him playing at a local venue near you!

Talented local musician Simon Briley releases first single. Photo supplied

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