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Giving Back To Charity

This year, Nell Thomsett’s daughter Millie spent two weeks at Mackay Base Hospital on two separate occasions. If it wasn’t for the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Family Room, this challenging time would have been more of a struggle.

Diagnosed with a kidney infection, Millie ended up staying five nights in hospital during her first visit. Amidst the difficulties, the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Mackay Base Hospital played a pivotal role in alleviating the burden for Ms Thomsett, Millie, and their entire family.

Nell expressed her gratitude, saying, "It was just amazing. My husband would bring the kids up at night after they had finished work and sport. We were able to eat as a family and spend time together. I was able to see our other two kids, and they were able to see their sister."

In a horror health year for the youngster, she also got appendicitis resulting in the removal of her appendix.

Last week, it was noticed by the pair that RMH was reaching out to the community for donations. Nell says, “Millie popped up and said: ‘Can we go shopping for them, please?’”

The pair filled their trolley with an array of groceries to help families in need, including brownie mix, cooking trays, coffee, snacks and treats and gluten-free items. Nell mentioned that Millie hand-picked everything from the supermarket herself.

The items are stored away until a family comes in to stay and they can use the items.

“The space is run by volunteers who are just lovely, they help you in any way they can. They were very thankful, as the stocks were running low,” Nell added.

Nell and Millie encourage the community to become volunteers or donate towards the Ronald McDonald House charity, who provide a nice place to escape to that doesn’t feel like a hospital.

Millie with her haul of groceries for RMH – Photo supplied

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