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Good Energy And Great Vibes

The Hidden Food Garden Of Airlie Beach

The hidden gem that is the Whitsunday Food Garden is open and ready for business.

Intimate and secluded in an off-street cove, the Food Garden is a hub for the community, a host to three food vans, making a simple and delicious eat street that is perfect for a quiet and unique meal.

Since setting up shop in the Whitsunday Food Garden just over three months ago, Let’z Waffle has seen a massive spike in popularity.

Becoming the one stop shop for waffles, both savoury and sweet, Let’z Waffle caters for every single diet, including gluten free, diary free, and vegan waffles.

Even your pet pooch is looked after, with woofles on the menu, perfect for a warm summer night.

Having begun in Western Australia over seven years ago, owner and operator Aaron Townsend set off to create a food truck that caters to his travel urge and satisfies the waffle craving that is lacking in Australian culture.

Now sitting beside the Whisper Bar and Restaurant food van and the Airlie Beach Food Truck, Let’z Waffle serves as a tasty, sweet treat for after dinner, or even a main meal for those who prefer the savoury variety.

“Since we’ve been here, the Food Garden has turned into a community spot, where people can come in and chill out. You don’t even have to buy food if you don’t want to,” Aaron explained.

“With the variety that each truck serves, it’s a great dynamic, it’s really clicked.

“We all knew the importance of getting the dynamics and energy between the three of us, but it’s really worked well.”

A recent addition to the Food Garden is the weekly Thursday night markets, with a variety of market stalls setting up shop, with live music and good vibes ensuring a great evening.

“We have alternating buskers and live music artists, and we’re looking to expand the markets to have more stalls with a greater variety of goods,” Aaron said.

Open each and every day, from 9am to 9pm, Aaron and his team are catering for the intrepid traveller seeking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the Airlie Beach main strip.

“We’re open every day, which is good, because we have breakfast and coffee,” he said.

The growth that Let’z Waffle has seen has solidified the food van as a make visit restaurant in Airlie Beach, with Aaron able to confidently bring on a full savoury menu, on top of his sweet menu.

“We’ve been growing, which is great to see. It’s been consistent, especially with the cruise ships coming,” he said.

“We used to have Mondays off, but we’ve found that it’s just too busy to not be open; Airlie Beach is just a unique transient touristy place and just got the right energy and vibe.”

Aaron Townsend, Tamika Mietzel, and Emma Coral, the team behind Let’z Waffle in Whitsunday Food Garden. Photo credit: Bronte Hodge

Even your dogs aren’t missing out on this perfect treat. Photo supplied

Don’t miss this hidden gem this spring. Photo supplied

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