Thursday, November 2, 2023


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Halloween Hypocrisy


At the time of writing, it’s Halloween and it’s a hot day, so any choccy’s are going to melt fast.

Anyway, there are more Halloween Houses around than ever, decorations on the trees and letter boxes out the front of houses; I think it looks great.

At schools, there’ll be excited kids everywhere who are going out trick or treating. They’ll eat too many lollies and when Mum and Dad tell them later to go to bed, they’ll be on such a sugar high they won’t fall asleep until December.

Aside from where Halloween came from, the background going back a long time as a Celtic festival, the line you hear a lot from people is that: ‘It’s just something from America, we’re too Americanised’.

I’ll be honest, I just don’t get that statement.

To a degree, you’re right if you’re saying that in reference to pumpkins and the like which we see on US TV.

But here’s my problem with it, don’t be picky and choosy with your “It’s too American”, especially some people that I’ve met who HATE Halloween with a passion … but they love bourbon and coke!

You can’t sit inside your home being all grumpy about the kids in the street trick or treating, while you’re watching your favourite series streamed on Netflix, having a coke or hoovering down some fast food. ‘Cos, Halloween is all too American.

A week or so ago while doing the 7 News Street Talk segment, 100 per cent truthful, a lady told me she was against Halloween because it was too American – and she was drinking a can of Coke.

Now I will say this, if you don’t like trick or treaters because you’re a shift worker, your front light is off and they’re still knocking, then I’m on your side. You deserve sleep.


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