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Heartwarming Road To Recovery For Harmony

From injured, lost and in pain, to under the safe and loving care of Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated, Harmony is on the road to recovery after undergoing surgery from a bacterial infection and is now looking for her new fur-ever home.

Mackay Pet Rescue Inc said that Harmony, a female Manx cat, had been found in the pound microchipped, however her previous owners were unable to take her back after she allegedly went missing two years ago.

Despite the team already being short of foster carers and knowing the vet bill would be pricey, Mackay Pet Rescue Inc jumped at the opportunity to save Harmony and give her the paw-fect life that she deserves with no hesitation!

According to the rescue team she had been extremely unwell.

“Harmony spent the weekend in hospital,” a statement from Mackay Pet Rescue Inc read.

“She was given much needed fluids, antibiotics and pain relief.  She had a scan, blood tests and needed surgery on Monday.  

“She was visited morning and night by her foster carer who brought her heat packs, changed her bedding and tried to tempt her with food,” the statement said.

Harmony is now recovering slowly from her surgery and is currently in the helpful hands of her foster carer until she is ready to join a new, loving family.

If you would like to give Harmony a fur-ever home or if you have any other enquiries, please contact Ros on 0403814318. Donations for veterinary expenses are welcome, which provides financial help to the rescue team to keep our lost, injured and stray pets off the streets and into the homes of nurturing foster carers & loving families.

Harmony recovering from surgery. Photo Credit: Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated (Facebook)

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