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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Help A Soldier Get His Headstone

Following her war memorial research and documentation, Lyn Burke is reaching out for local’s help.

Lyn Burke, and her associate Lloyd Fox, have dedicated much of their time to uncovering the local servicemen and women of the Whitsundays.

They are dedicated to ensuring a suitable resting place for them and giving a reprieve to their families.

Recently, the pair discovered several names of men who do not have a headstone, and their graves are only marked with white crosses, within Proserpine Cemetery.

The Whitsunday Old Iron Restorers Club have embarked on a project to install headstones on these graves and while Lyn and Lloyd have managed to find family members of most of the men to ask permission to instal the headstone, some remain unknown.

“We hope to give each of the men a headstone, however, we wish to reach out to family first and get their permission,” Lyn said.

“If no family steps forward, we will move forward with the headstones, but I wish to try every avenue beforehand.”

To claim a serviceman as family, please contact Lyn Burke on 4947 2647, or

Do you know these men?

WW1                                                                     Number                               Battalion                              DOD

ANTHONY JAMES ARENA                              3288                                       5THLHR                                 7.12.193              

FREDERICK HERBERT DAVIS                          4661                                       30THBATT                            24.1.1970

ALBERT GREEN  LIEUTENANT                      4                                              HQ                                          28.8.1937            

JOHN HARRINGTON                                        1910                                       2NDBATT                              15.9.1933

JOSEPH LEARY                                                    7600                                       14THBATT                            8.9.1922

EDWARD PACKETT                                           BOARW & 2228                49THBATT                            6.8.1945              

THOMAS PUGSLEY                                           3905                                       4THPIONEER                       26.12.1944

THOMAS REID                                                    BRITISH ARMY                   -                                              17.11.1940                          

GEORGE USHER                                                218/Q224684                      11TH LHR                               17.2.1948



EDWARD JACKSON                                          Q34502                                 31STBATT                             10.4.1972

ALEC LENNIG                                                     QX27703                              2/56 LAD                              29.12.1961

SYDNEY MCNEILL                                             123518                                  A/FORCE                              21.11.1978


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