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High Speed Crash Three People Injured

The screeching of brakes could be heard across the neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoon when a red car, allegedly excessively speeding, crashed into the back of a stationary Ute on Paluma Road in Woodwark.

Residents immediately dashed out of their homes to see if they could help, one lady commenting that the bend in the road was notoriously bad and that she always worried a crash would occur at that spot.

With traffic slowing to one lane, by-standers kindly stood at the bend waving their hands to warn approaching vehicles of the incident.

One resident commented that he had seen vehicles speeding around the corner several times and he wasn’t surprised one had been involved in a collision.

Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) received an emergency call at 5.24pm to attend the two-vehicle crash.

Two male passengers in their 20’s were taken to Proserpine Hospital in a stable condition with neck pain.

A third patient in his 30’s who is believed to be the driver of the Ute, was also taken to Proserpine Hospital with arm and chest injuries.

Queensland Police also received an emergency call at 5.23pm and multiple crews attended.

They said a follow-up investigation will be launched, but it was considered a minor crash.

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