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Billy Joel And Elton John On Stage

The entertainment never stops at the Airlie Beach Hotel, with one of the biggest races in Australia becoming a local extravaganza.

And with three legendary superstars joining the crew, what a way to spend Melbourne Cup Race Day!

“And we are ready,” said Anthony Mara, AKA Billy Joel.

Having been perfecting his own Billy Joel for over eight years now, Anthony is more than ready to take on Airlie Beach.

But which came first? The likeness or the music?

“Well, I’ve been in cover bands for over 30 years,” Anthony explained.

“I’ve always had the comments that I look like Billy Joel, over my journey. And then, a few years ago, a venue in Adelaide had their main act cancel on them one night, and I pulled the idea of a tribute to them.

“And they loved it, and it just went from there!

“I never planned for things to go this way, but I’m not complaining. I’ve got the beard, we have similar styles and I’ve been a fan of Billy Joel since I was a teenager.”

Joining him on stage is Greg Andrew, AKA Elton John.

The pair have come off the back of a national tour, celebrating the 25 years since Billy and Elton toured Australia together.

“For me,” Anthony started, “I love performing with Greg because I get such a great appreciation of Elton John’s music, and I know Greg gets such a great appreciation for Billy Joel.”

According to Anthony, the show will be “hit after hit after hit”.

“We duet with each other, Greg performs some of Billy’s songs, and I perform some of Elton’s songs, it’s just such a great event of some of the best music,” Anthony said.

The entertainment will be up close and personal, which is something that Anthony loves.

“We mainly perform in theatre halls and concert centres, so we love having a venue like Airlie Beach Hotel, where we’re so close to the action and can really interact with the crowd,” Anthony said.

WHAT: Melbourne Cup Tropicana

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Tuesday November 7, from 10am


Billy Joel and Elton John on stage together for a massive day at Airlie Beach Hotel

Anthony Mara, AKA Billy Joel, is ready to rock Airlie Beach

Greg Andrew, AKA Elton John, will bring his all to the stage

Performing alongside each other, there is no better way to spend Melbourne Cup Day. Photos supplied

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