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Hospital Foundation Volunteers Celebrate 30 Years

Mackay locals, long time tennis friends and valued volunteers Mavis Liddell and Pam Keune both celebrated 30 years of volunteering at Mackay Hospital Foundation last week.

Ms Keune has a long history of volunteering, starting at both Friends of the MECC and Mackay Hospital Foundation after returning to Mackay from a stint in Townsville.

“Our youngest was just starting uni, so I didn’t have any schools or sports to get involved in, but I still wanted to volunteer,” she said.

From tuckshops to tennis canteens to the base hospital, Ms Keune has a passion for volunteering, filling roles in the hospital canteen, mail delivery, gift shop and information desk over the years.

“I just love helping people,” she said.

“Especially at the hospital, you have a lot of people who are very sad because they have people sick, so I try to do anything I can to help them.”

Similarly, Ms Liddell began volunteering as something to fill time while her son played rugby league.

A former employee of Queensland Health, Ms Liddell also started in mail delivery and covered a variety of roles over her 30 years.

“I like being with people and I like working in hospitals,” she said.

“There’s always somebody who needs help or information.”

Mackay Hospital Foundation recognised their volunteers at a lunch held last week during National Volunteer Week where 38 of the foundation’s 80 volunteers gathered.

Community Engagement Officer Brenda McFadzen said the lunch was an opportunity to thank the volunteers for their years of service.

“If we didn’t have our volunteers, we certainly wouldn’t run,” she said.

“I love the different personalities and walks of life, there are so many characters.”

Mackay Hospital Foundation is always looking for new volunteers to fill a variety of roles from the information desk, gift shop or convenience trolley to playing Santa at Christmas or the Easter Bunny at Easter.

Both Ms Keune and Ms Liddell urge others to get involved.

“You’ll get as much out of helping other people as they do,” said Ms Keune.

“You make lots of friendships along the years,” added Ms Liddell.

More information can be found at or at the hospital’s information desk.

Mavis Liddell and Pam Keune celebrated 30 years of volunteering at Mackay Hospital Foundation at a National Volunteer Week lunch last week. Photo credit: Sam Gillespie

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