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‘Hotel California’ With Australian Eagles

Country music is cruising into the Airlie Beach Hotel next weekend, with the legendary Australian Eagles Show bringing the very best of classic American country and rock.

Performing with fantastic accuracy and authenticity, The Australia Eagles Show is not a show to miss, for fans of country and rock and The Eagles.

These ‘New Kids in Town’ are known for their unique blend of country and rock.

The Eagles are faithfully recreated with state-of-the-art sound and lighting, that only adds to the vocal harmonies and powerful instrumentals.

No ‘Wasted Time’ here, with the Airlie Beach Hotel keeping the dance floor clear, because ‘All She Wants to do is Dance’.

We’ve got founding member Shayne Browne, on vocals and guitar, who started the band in 2015 with Paul Kerin, who is Shayne’s “guitar player in arms” and fellow harmonic vocals.

Jason Chandler has been with the show for three years on bass guitar and has been close with Shayne for over 30 years.

“He’s done everything from Irish folk to pop rock,” Shayne explained.

Identical twins Michael and David Thompson rock on drums and guitar, plus vocals.

Known around the world, these brothers bring some of the hardest beats and notes to the band.

“I can only tell them apart because of their tattoos!” said Shayne.

Touring the world with international acclaim, these ‘Boys of Summer’ know exactly what to do and where to do it, embodying the appeal and stage presence of the beloved Eagles.

‘The Heat is On’ and the Airlie Beach Hotel is excited to be hosting.

“We perform all over the place, usually in big venues like civic centres,” explained Shayne.

“There’s only a handful of places that we go back to, and Airlie Beach is definitely one of them.”

With over two hours of absolutely free live music, you better get out there and spend time with that ‘Peaceful, Easy Feeling’.

The Australian Eagles Show is a classic for Eagles fans, for everyone of any age.

“There was the time when we played at the Hamilton Island Race Week, and we were getting ready, and we could hear the doof doof dance music that the young people dance to,” said Shayne.

“When we got on stage, here came the young people, who knew every word of the Eagles shows, many knew the songs better than some of the older people in the crowd!

“It’s a true testament to the reach of the Eagles, and that we’re not doing the wrong thing.”

No matter a casual fan or a diehard fanatic, The Australian Eagles Show will create some ‘Heartache Tonight’.

WHAT: The Australian Eagles Show

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July, 2pm to 5.30pm

The Australian Eagles Show is bringing the very best of The Eagles to the Airlie Beach Hotel

Country-coloured glasses will fall over Airlie Beach when the Australian Eagles come to town

Not a show to miss, for the fantastic blend of country and rock, perfect for a weekend at The Pub

Showcasing the classic presence of The Eagles as a cultural moment for Australians of any age. Photos supplied

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