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Household Emergency Kit

Following the informational video released by the State Emergency Services – Mackay Regional Unit, an emergency kit is necessary during disaster season.

Fires, flooding or cyclones could force you out of your home, or keep you stuck there for an extended period of time.

Your kit should include these basics, but you can think about what items your family might use if you had to stay at home for up to three days.

• Food items include bottled water and non-perishable canned food (And don’t forget a can opener!)

• Non-powered items such as a torch, portable phone charger and cable and portable radio are important if there is a power outage, as well as spare batteries.

A portable radio is vital to listen in to emergency broadcasting.

• Important documents could include emergency contact numbers, passports and insurance documents.

• A first aid kit and medications are vital in an emergency, you can also pack hygiene supplies such as a toothbrush, soap and toilet paper.

• If you have a pet, don’t forget! They need their own supplies too, such as food and water, bowls, a leash and a lightweight crate for transportation.

• Disasters can be scary, but they can sometimes be boring too. Pack a few entertaining items such as a good book, playing cards or board games.

Water supplies could stop working. You can’t get to the shops or maybe you can, but the shelves are bare when you get there. Avoid being ill-prepared by stocking up on essentials before a disaster strikes.

You can also include more items, particularly if you live in a remote area. Think about your situation and pack a kit that is right for you.

Keep your kit in a strong waterproof storage container and store it in a safe place in your home that you can get to easily in the event of an emergency.

You can find more information about household emergency kits at

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