Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Housing Shortages Connected To Teacher Cuts

A Whitsundays school has restructured classes and lost teachers due to a lack of student enrolments that it believes are connected to families moving away from the area because they can no longer find somewhere to live.

“We have not had the numbers of children enrolled that was anticipated,” said a statement from the school.

“Unfortunately, many of our families have not had anywhere to live and have had to move, one of the sad realities we are finding in the post pandemic world.”

As a result, an agreement was reached with some of the teachers to either relocate entirely or transfer to other schools within the region.

A spokesperson from the Department of Education said that staffing allocations are based on enrolments, and as enrolments fluctuate the state-wide teacher transfer system places teachers where they are most needed while ensuring class sizes remain at the right level.

“The Department undertakes comprehensive workforce planning to ensure there is a sustainable supply of teachers to meet the demands of state schools across Queensland,” said the spokesperson.

“This process does not affect the employment status of teachers under permanent contracts.

“School leaders also have autonomy and access to additional funding to invest in workforce as required.”

It is understood that all staffing changes at the local school were forged on an amicable agreement between the school and the teachers involved.

The Principal said they hoped the restructure did not cause too much disruption to the school community and thanked the multitude of staff who made it possible.

“I want to reiterate that it has only happened due to necessity,” they said.

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