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How Do I Find Good Staff These Days?

This month’s Ask An Expert with Whitsundays Chamber of Commerce and Industry asks: How do I find good staff these days.
Two Chamber members responded. 
Rachael Anderton of ExecuHub believes finding good staff needs a strategic approach. 
“First, clearly define the role and desired qualities. Next, post targeted job ads on relevant platforms and social media channels, customised to the specific skills you require. Consider whether your ideal candidate is more likely to search on LinkedIn, Seek, or local Facebook job boards. 
Additionally, leverage your network and encourage employee referrals. Collaborate with local employment services, schools, TAFE, and community groups to connect with potential candidates who share your interests” she says. 
Maree Franettovich of CareerForce Australia agrees with the power of clear and accurate job profile, referrals from existing employees, and targeted social media advertising. 
“Research suggests for two of the most active generations in the workplace now – millennials and Gen Z – 48% applied for jobs they found on social media,” said Maree. 
She offers two other strategic steps to take to help attract the right staff.
“Firstly, look within. What is your Employee Value Proposition? What makes your business a great place to work? Why would a jobseeker pick you? Pay is important but it’s not the only criterion.”
“Also, review and refine your business profile. What does your online presence and socials tell a potential candidate about you and your business?”. 
Rachael and Maree agree – if what you’re doing is not working, try something else. 

Rachael Anderton of ExecuHub
Maree Franettovich of CareerForce Australia

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