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How Do We Make Sense Of The World In The Light Of Easter?

In the light of youth crime, political tensions and war we seem to be living in the pain of a perpetual Good Friday – without the “Good” bit.  This Easter season I encourage us all to find the hope of the resurrection – It is not just a wishful hope, but based on a real and certain rock of truth and freedom.

Holy Thursday and Good Friday we commemorate facts in history.  Jesus, considered a miracle worker, a good man, was whipped, mocked and crucified.  Christians believe that when Jesus died on the cross, he took the sin of the whole world and paid our debt with the sacrifice of his life.  

On Sunday the stone from the tomb was rolled back and no body was found.  What we believe about Sunday is a matter of faith, however, many eye-witnesses testified that they saw Jesus – not as a ghost, but as flesh and blood.  

We live in times that are painful, but Christians are certain of a hope in the resurrection, and a God who loves us so much that he was willing to suffer and die for us.  

We have a choice; stay in the pain of Friday striving in our own limited strength, or choose to believe in the resurrection where there is hope for eternal life and eternal love.  I’ve made my choice, how about you?


By Reverend Niki Vella-Power

Reverend Niki Vella-Power

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