Thursday, August 24, 2023


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How Good Is Father’s Day?

This sounds like a cliché, but I reckon Father’s Day is every day. I love having kids and being a dad.

Sure, at times they give me the “you know whats”, I wish they would stay away from screens more, and actually listen better … or at all.

Being a dad gives you the excuse of being able to make funny noises and blame it on pets and other people. You can pull a jumper over your head and tell the kids they can’t see you – other dumb stuff like that, just to make your little people laugh.

Moving towards teen years as we currently are, is providing challenges though, the access to online games, purchasing a Nintendo, and YouTube channels have taken over our lives. Switch them off for a few hours and the kids go crazy, but when you tell them 18 months ago you had no Nintendo or laptop, and you managed to find something to do, they seem to forget those days.

And parents, just wondering, is anyone else not a huge fan of pretty much all school work and homework being computer based?

It’s so easy for the kids to have another tab open, that when you walk away, for another window to be opened up, and instead of doing their English homework they’re actually watching Mr Beast give away hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whatever you do for Father’s Day, whether it’s breakfast in bed, a BBQ, fishing in the boat or just mowing the lawn so you get time to yourself, make sure you enjoy it.


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