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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Humidity, Half-Marathons, And Hockey

How great is the weather right now around Mackay and the Whitsundays? Love the humidity yet?

A week ago, we weren’t sure what TC Kirrily was going to do, so we had some windy and wet days, and the next thing she was gone again. We are certainly feeling for our mates in and around Townsville after trees came down and powerlines were busted, and some Pilates classes had to be moved to the afternoon session. We’re feeling for you all.

The weather here has been quite humid and just plain awful for so many people around our neighbourhood, especially in South Mackay where I live. Hardly any breeze over Australia Day last week, and the relentless sweaty feeling has not received any gold stars from this bloke I can tell you.

One thing about this weather is that it has given my son and I a chance to get out in the great outdoors and exercise when he comes over to see his dad each week.

He said to me ages ago that he wanted to get into walking and maybe running, so we grabbed him a new pair of shoes, a bloody big hat, and slopped on some SPF50+ gear and away we went to start our weekly beach walks at Far Beach.

They have been going well with just the two of us walking for over an hour and a half on the sand, chewing the fat, solving the world’s issues and connecting like any distant parent can. This time is precious for me, and I don’t take it lightly.

Thing is, last week my son was talking about doing some running as well as walking. I suggested running the 5K Twilight Marina Fun Run on March 1 with me. This is the little jog and shuffle we do each year to raise awareness for the big Marina Run in June and I’ve been doing it for years. After I asked if he would be keen, he said yes.

I’m beyond thrilled. I reckon after we walk and shuffle together on that Friday, he may decide to join me in the Marina Run on that famous Sunday in June. Maybe not a half marathon, but perhaps a 10K would do. My fingers are crossed.

To anyone who is thinking of joining me on this 5K fun along Harbour Road in a few weeks, sign up today. It’s only a few dollars, and you know the donation will save lives, guaranteed.

Have fun and remember, if you’re driving down Bridge Road after 5 on a Monday afternoon, and you see a tall bloke trying to run at the hockey fields, throw him a bottle of water, and a wave. He’ll appreciate it.

You can join Rob Kidd from 5am weekday mornings on 4MK 1026 AM in Mackay and Proserpine, 91.5FM in Airlie Beach or just ask your smart speaker to play 4MK on iHeartRadio!

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