Thursday, February 23, 2023


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Idol Ends For Mackay Singers

The Australian Idol journey has ended for the two Mackay singers representing the region this week as they return home after making it to the Top 24 round of the national television series.

Mackay locals Noah Cookson and Damien Agius were farewelled by audiences across the country after their final performances, much to the disappointment of Sugar City viewers on Sunday and Monday night.

Neither Mackay nor the singers were browbeaten, though – Cookson and Agius have both returned home with a fire in their bellies for becoming full-time musicians with the backing of what was an incredible experience.

“Idol was amazing – it was crazy,” 19-year-old Cookson said.

"When I made it through to the Top 24, it was a feeling of endless relief, but also nerves. I'm disappointed that it's over, but I finished on a good note, a good performance of the music I like to play. Getting to play with professional artists was an incredible experience and my parents are so proud.”

“I gave it my all and it was tricky, but I did my best and was happy with myself.”

Agius, a Moranbah coal miner, said, even during Idol, he had been doubting himself, and the experience had been “an incredible journey”.

“This isn’t going to be the end of my journey, it’s only the beginning,” he said.

"I felt okay with how I got through, the support I've received. It was my dream to win, but the journey I went on was unbelievable and the people I met were incredible. What Idol has taught me is that the industry is a brutal place, but that Australia loves country music.

“The comments I’ve been getting are unbelievable. That’s made me stronger even to have that level of support.”

Agius said he planned to write more originals, performing as much as he can locally before heading to the United States to capitalise on the American love for country music.

Cookson said it was now all about momentum: “To have that support from Mackay is so encouraging and uplifting for going forward in my career. I’ve been a cover artist with the odd original but the future holds for me an original music career – that’s where I want to be.”

Mackay singers Damien Agius (pictured) and Noah Cookson have returned home after being eliminated from Australian Idol this week

Noah Cookson and Agius said this wasn’t the end of either of their journeys, but just the beginning

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