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I’m An Imposter!

“Who do I think I am talking and advising about leadership? Wait til someone realises I’m not the expert in this field . . . Wait till someone discovers my past epic failures.”

This is the little voice in my head I’ve come to fear and now finally befriend after many years.

This voice follows me around most days and is either so small I can hardly hear it, or booming through my ears loud enough for me to think everyone around me can hear it.

Imposter Syndrome is feelings of self-doubt and negative self-talk, resulting in missed opportunities. 

If you weren’t aware, the majority of humans suffer from this at some stage in their life. It most commonly occurs when starting something new – a new job or a new role.

We often fear we are out of our depth and people will realise we don’t know what we are doing or are not as capable as they assume we are.

We believe the worst-case scenario may be realised, our fear of being seen as a failure.

The negative: It stops you from reaching your potential.
The positive: It spurs you on to become more knowledgeable, competent, experienced; it can be a catalyst for personal and professional growth and development.

Exposing your Imposter Syndrome to the light and sharing your fears with good friends helps alleviate any beliefs these thoughts are real.

Your peer group will help challenge this negative self-talk and dilute its potential power over you.

Don’t let Imposter Syndrome hinder your ability to reach your potential. Identify it when it creeps in, understand it’s a normal human response, and use it to push you forward.

Contributed with thanks to Judy Porter From Shiift.

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