Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Our trusty hero Indiana Jones is back in the fifth and final instalment of the franchise.

Portrayed by Harrison Ford, this newest film is reminiscent of classic Indiana Jones films, bringing high intensity action, thrills, and adventure to the big screen.

The film begins back in the end stages of World War 2, with a younger Jones racing through a train, weaving between Nazi officers, to recover a priceless and valuable artefact, and keep it out of the hands of the dreaded Nazis.

This digitally de-aged Jones retains all the charisma and charm of the classic Jones, setting up the film for its high stakes and endearing love.

Of course, this new artefact happens to be one half of the Archimedes’ dial, an ancient device that is believed to be able to predict future disaster.

An artefact long forgotten, the film cuts to the 1960s, with Jones a grumpy professor whose students no longer appreciate his reputation or esteem.

That is until his goddaughter Helena strolls into his classroom, her enemies in tow, dragging Jones out of semi-retirement to find the second half of the Archimedes’ Dial.

One such enemy is an ex-Nazi, Jurgen Voller.

Since the end of World War 2 and initially meeting Jones as he escaped with the half of the dial, Voller has become an esteemed scientist in the United States space program, however he sets out to retrieve the two pieces of the dial and travel back in time.

He ultimately wants to change history, wherein Germany is not defeated by the Axis and the German dream was revealed.

This action-packed story does not stop, bringing high energy and fantastic CGI adventure and fun.

With touchingly intimate reunions of fan favourites and throw backs to classic hero-treasure hunter stories.

Harrison Ford returns for the fifth and final instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise

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