Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Industry Slugged With “Labor’s Tax Trifecta”

The cost-of-living crisis is reaching breaking point for many across Dawson, with local business owners concerned by an increase in taxes and levies imposed by the Federal Government on important industries.

Leader of the Nationals and Shadow Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud, and Federal Member for Dawson Andrew Willcox, toured the Whitsunday region last week on an industry listening tour, witnessing first-hand how Labor’s ‘Tax Trifecta’ is impacting rural and regional areas like Dawson.

Mr Willcox said that since the 2022 election, Labor has implemented more than seven new taxes on Australians, with three taking aim at some of our most vital industries: the Fresh Food Tax, the Truckie Tax, and the Tourist Tax.

Speaking with Leanne from Koorelah Farms, the MP’s heard how the ‘Fresh Food Tax’ is “throwing our agricultural industry’s confidence into doubt”.

“Labor has slung a triple tax attack on some of our most important industries, which operate right here in the Whitsunday region.” Mr. Willcox said.

“Farmers like Leanne are at the core of our regional industry, and yet they’ve been hit with a new $153 million bio-security tax.

“Under this new tax, farmers will pay for overseas competitors to import their products to Australia.  

“It doesn’t make any sense”.

David Littleproud and Andrew Willcox also attended a breakfast with the Bowen Gumlu Growers Association, who discussed how Labor’s ‘Truckie Tax’ was going to increase the price of produce at the checkout.

“Speaking with farmers in Bowen, we heard how the increase of the road user charge by 19 per cent over three years will hurt industry” Mr. Willcox said.

“Our trucks are vital to getting produce and product to market, and yet they’ve been slapped with a huge increase to their taxes.

“This tax is going to hike the prices for both the farmers we’ve spoken to here in Dawson, and the customers at the checkout.

While in the Whitsundays, Mr. Littleproud and Mr. Willcox also spent time speaking with local businesses in the tourism industry at the Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce’s recent meeting.

“The ‘Tourist Tax’ will see less overseas tourists travel to Australia, and with Tourism Australia’s budget being slashed, it’s going to throw the strong future of our region into question.”

Shadow Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud (right), and Federal Member for Dawson Andrew Willcox (centre), toured the Whitsunday region last week on an industry listening tour, chatting to Wayne Born (left) from Koorelah Farms. Image supplied: Office of Andrew Willcox MP

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