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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

International Women's Day

Rebekah Penny

Angry Angler

With a passion for the ocean and outdoors, Rebekah decided to put her work experience in sales, retail, design and management all together and that’s when she released Angry Angler in late 2021.

“I’m a bit of a fashionista and perfectionist,” Rebekah said. “I got over everyone wearing the exact same fishing shirts with the same fish printed on them every weekend.”

That’s when she started Angry Angler, a Mackay-owned fishing apparel line delivering a different and unique range of clothing and accessories that the kids and ladies can wear as well. Bringing a modern and fashionable take to sun safety since 2021, Angry Angler has a focus on being local, with designs, logos and the business’ website all being sourced locally, but scope of going national.

“Since day one, I always envisioned Angry Angler to be a long-term investment with the goal of becoming Australia-wide,” said Rebekah. “Almost 8 months was spent researching and trying out the quality of different companies before I chose one I was happy to work with creating the product.”

Rebekah loves being her own boss, and she’s had the support of her brother, sister and a group of her closest friends who have helped her every step of the way, even modelling the attire for the website.

“We all know how impossible men and photos are,” she joked.

Rebekah said that, given the outdoor nature of the industry and the market, people are often surprised that the business is headed up by a woman.

“To me, women empowerment is the girls that get out there and show the boys up on a day at the reef, or the ones that get out and set up a tent on the weekends,” she said. “Every woman is powerful in some way.”

Between her son, her casual retail job, her business and life’s little curve balls, every day is an interesting one in Rebekah’s life. She loves to relax and reset with a wine at the beach in the afternoons, either by herself, with friends or with her biggest achievement to date, her son.

Andrea Cantwell

Head Honcho

Coffee Service Packaging

Put the jug on and get ready to meet the mastermind behind Coffee Service Packaging – Andrea Cantwell. This powerhouse businesswoman offers an extensive selection of coffee, equipment and packaging options that are sure to stimulate your senses and assist your business.

Whether you're in Mackay, Sarina, The Bowen Basin or Whitsunday areas, Andrea's efficient and friendly team brew up the perfect blend of supplies and service you need. They supply commercial and office coffee equipment, café beverage supplies, Caffénation and custom roasted coffee beans, barista accessories and a huge range of food and beverage packaging lines. Their customers include restaurants, cafes, service stations, and sporting clubs. They are also open to the public – so all can enjoy a great brew.

“We are one of the few businesses to offer coffee machine technician services and we have a huge focus on sustainability,” Andrea said.

As the owner and operator of the business, Andrea is passionate about building connections and relationships with business owners and their teams. She finds it gratifying to see her clients succeed, and her success has meant that she can support her customers in ways that go beyond just providing them with high-quality products.

As a woman in business, Andrea draws inspiration from her mother, who at 80 years of age, is still working with them, connecting with customers, and keeping active. Andrea strongly believes in women empowerment and is inspired by other successful women in her network.

With a passion for our planet, Andrea describes herself as a tree hugger, caring deeply about the flora and fauna in our world. She is excited about introducing a range of home compostable coffee cups and hopes that cafes will take them onboard, sharing the sustainability message with their customers.

Photo credit: Leah McLean Photography

Wendy Steindl

Healthy, Clean and Green

Offering environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday products, Wendy Steindl runs a business that she’s proud of. All products sold by Healthy, Green and Clean, offering a better choice for everyday kitchen, bathroom, laundry and out and about items, are either reusable or home compostable, meaning less landfill. Over 90% of products are Australian owned and, where possible, Wendy will support other small local businesses by stocking their products. Healthy, Clean and Green operates as an online shop, usually delivering to most areas of Mackay within 24 hours, and market stall business, avoiding costly overheads and keeping prices affordable for customers.

“I love showing people how making small and affordable changes in their everyday life can have a big impact on their home, health and environment without drastically affecting their lifestyle or budget,” Wendy said. “Gratification for me comes when I help someone see why a common product is bad for the planet and then help them to transition to products that are a better choice.”

Running her business her way, Wendy is proud of what her business stands for and proud of the work/ life balance she’s created.

“I think those things are important for my children to see,” she said. “It’s not always easy and you do have to work hard, but ultimately you can be successful while living the lifestyle you desire.”

Outside of the business, Wendy is a bit of a thrill seeker. Whether it’s riding a bicycle from Townsville to Cairns, climbing the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world, walking on fire not once but twice, skydiving, achieving a green belt in Taekwondo or simply shaving her head, she loves the thrill of an adrenaline-pumping adventure. But she’s also a lover of the simple things: jigsaw puzzles, cups of tea, travelling and hiking. Wendy is passionate about making better choices, living a healthier, cleaner and greener life, within reason, and providing a safer, healthier environment for herself, her family and for the animals to enjoy our planet.

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