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International Women's Day

Rhonda Muller

Nutritional Therapist

ASD Healthy Life

Nourishing the body and mind through a holistic approach is the driving force behind the mission of ASD Healthy Life, a nutrient-focused business founded by Nutritional Therapist, Rhonda Muller. Her 13-year career provides a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness that offers families a wide range of family health and developmental solutions.

Rhonda’s business supports mental health, paediatric special needs, gut health and premature ageing. With her expertise, she delves beyond the symptoms and focuses on the root cause of her clients' concerns, addressing the 'why' to find long-lasting solutions.

“Nutrient therapy is about getting the foundation right; dietary, functional testing, supplementation and activation.  When we create a strong foundation, people start to see and feel real results,” she said.

“I especially love working with young families who are passionate, open and coachable,” Rhonda said.  

“When given the right information, tools and strategies, young children can experience fast results.  It fills my heart when families come to me with a child who is non-verbal, or struggling with behaviour, has skin concerns, or perhaps a very picky eater, to find them thriving only a few weeks to months later.”

Rhonda's point of difference lies in her first-hand experience, which she combines with a professional approach to offer a comprehensive solution beyond the prevailing symptoms.

"When working with new clients, I always address the 'Why?' as I believe it's the only way to get to the root cause," explains Rhonda.

Rhonda's passion for education and helping women overcome burnout, ageing and discomfort propelled her forward.

"The message I needed to share was way bigger than me," Rhonda recalls. "I found my purpose in life...I don't want any other woman or family to go through the same journey I went through."

Unlock the potential of your family's health and well-being with Rhonda Muller and ASD Healthy Life's holistic approach - nourish your mind, body, and soul to thrive, not just survive!

Go to to schedule your free 30-minute initial zoom consultation.

You are not alone.

Dr Dee Middendorp-Hacking

Bay Massage & Homeopathy

Dr Dee Middendorp-Hacking describes herself as a unique practitioner. At her Peel Street Clinic, she offers Homeopathic Medicine, Injury Management Bodywork, FLIR IR Diagnostics, Natural Therapies, Massage Courses and 1:1 Coaching. But her expertise extends much further than that.

“I love that I can pool all my varied skill sets to offer inspiration, health rectification and transformation to others,” Dee said. “I assist people to step into their superpowers. That's what I love. I ‘fix people’ with my bare hands – magic hands Dr. Dee, my long list of clients call me.”

Dee has been practising in Mackay for 17 years and practising healthcare for over 30. She has a legion of loyal clients who describe her as “one special lady with awesome energy and a nature of nurture”, and “a real one-stop shop for Alternative Medicine that gets results!” She puts passion and empathy into everything she does, knowing that ‘Health is Wealth’.

One of her most recent projects of passion is her upcoming book series, ‘The New Rules of Wellness’, spotlighting Healing and Wellness modalities from a wide cross-section of health experts, practitioners and business owners who lead from the heart, offering them a chance to shine in their super unique inspirational stories. Dee hopes to involve many Mackay authors and practitioners and is inviting those who are interested to get in touch.

Dee is a proud, passionate woman and business owner whose varied hobbies include oil painting, travel, sharing gratitude cards with those closest to her and swimming like a mermaid, literally. She says women in business need to be celebrated.

“Life is tough, but so are they!” she said.  “Behind every woman in business are brave decisions, tireless efforts and the aura of never giving up on themselves. A mentor told me, ‘The only way to achieve one's success is to be willing to help somebody else to their own health and success’. This resonates with me, and I too follow this mantra daily.”

Margaret Dingle

Deluxe Wheelie Wash

Deluxe Wheelie Wash isn't just any ordinary bin cleaning service. It's an environmentally friendly, professional and reliable company that takes pride in leaving every inch of your domestic or commercial wheelie bin sparkling clean. As Margaret Dingle, the owner and manager of Deluxe Wheelie Wash, puts it, "Gotta love hygienically clean, fresh smelling Wheelie Bins.

“Not Just Clean - Wheelie Clean."

Margaret is a multitasking powerhouse. She handles everything from scheduling routes and providing quotes to wearing her hi-vis work clothes and boots to professionally clean her clients' wheelie bins.

"I am the first point of contact receiving bookings and queries, accounts, payroll, scheduling routes for other employees’ day to day jobs, quoting and measuring for large quantity bin cleans and driveway, patio and pool area cleans," Margaret says.

Being a successful woman in business is something Margaret takes great pride in.

"I feel if you have the drive to succeed in any business, you can, by working hard, constantly learning, and educating those around you," she says. Surrounding herself with other successful women who encourage and inspire each other is something that has helped her business flourish.

When she's not busy running Deluxe Wheelie Wash, Margaret enjoys spending time on her boat, fishing, camping, and hiking.

"Another reason why I love our environmentally friendly products so much is that we are not harming the waterways and marine life," she explains.

Deluxe Wheelie Wash is a shining example of a business that knows how to take out the trash! Margaret and her team have a bin-credible knack for providing top-notch cleaning services while keeping it green. Their dedication to cleaning up the environment is truly inspiring - they don't just clean bins, they also ensure that waste and waste water are properly disposed of.

Let Deluxe Wheelie Wash roll up and clean up the mess, one wheelie bin at a time!

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