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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

International Women's Day

Deb Rae

Deb Rae Solutions

Deb Rae sees more anxiety and declining mental health in the community every day and is determined to talk about it and change it. This year, Deb Rae Solutions is kicking off two new programs to support individuals and organisations to take action.  

‘Celebrate Me’ is designed for women who are exhausted, lost and need to reconnect and recharge – they can choose from mini-retreats, a full weekend retreat, coaching and online courses.  

‘The Workplace Mental Wellness’ program focuses on how organisations can confidently support stressed or anxious staff members, and attract and keep capable workers.  

“These programs grew from my experiences in rebuilding my own life after my husband was killed in an accident overseas,” said Deb. “While I was learning to manage my own mental wellness, I saw many women around me struggling to keep on top of everything for their kids, partners, homes and jobs. I also worked in suicide prevention for several years and seen how men can silently struggle in their workplace. I know we can do this better when we’re willing to talk about it, question old ways of doing things and work together.”

At Deb Rae Solutions, Deb covers everything from organisational program development to individual coaching. She loves those ‘aha’ moments – when the things clients have been working on click into place and they’re so clear about what to do next. Personally, she uses running, hiking and travelling to keep mentally well and has ticked off many achievements including the Kokoda Track and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Deb is a prolific woman in business, with a strong network branching throughout the community. She has many amazing role models in the Mackay community – women she says walk their own path, freely be themselves, lift other women with them and proudly claim their achievements.

“The perspective that women can bring adds so much value to what’s already happening in workplaces,” Deb said. “As a society, we’re still working through this cultural shift, but I see enormous potential when men and women work side by side as equals.”

Danielle Brown

Owner and Creative Director

Lotus and Lilly Designs

Design is not just about aesthetics, it is about solving problems creatively, and Danielle Brown is a master of that. As an Australian travel artist, sharing her passion for art and the world, Danielle’s work has caught the eye of many with her unique artworks and eclectic branded line of wearable art and products. Each painting and product is created with the intention of transporting the viewer to those far off destinations.

"I paint from my heart and my experiences,” she said.

“I am lucky enough to have visited so many amazing places, each with their own story, which is why I create artworks that are unique and reflect the memories that I hold dear.”

As an artist and business owner, Danielle wears many hats, from being hands-on in the studio to being a graphic designer, product developer, social media expert, administrator, marketer, and bookkeeper.

"The creative process is the most fulfilling part of my day, affording me the opportunity to make my ideas a reality. Working with my clients on commissioned art projects through to graphic design is another aspect of my business that I enjoy immensely. Bringing to life my clients’ ideas and visions is so satisfying,” she shares.

Being a woman in business is something that makes Danielle proud, as she is the creator of her own journey.

"After working many decades for others, I found the urge to be my own boss hard to ignore,” she said.

When you meet Danielle, you’ll be struck by her quirky sense of humour, and her friends often say they love it when she snorts when laughing.

"A good friend of mine does not call me by name, instead I am known as 'Happiness'... and I am quite happy with that!" she jokes.

Danielle's remarkable artwork not only captivates the eyes, but also speaks volumes about the power of artistic expression and the importance it plays in our every day.

Carolyn Fritz

Moranbah Discount Tyres and Mechanical

Moranbah Discount Tyres and Mechanical (MDTM) is a family-owned business and a leader in automotive services and repairs. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has consistently expanded and invested in growth strategies. With multiple awards and an extensive list of accreditations to its name, Director and Owner Carolyn Fritz and her team are proud of the high-level recognition they have achieved.

Carolyn is an inspiring woman in the Isaac region, and she was recognised as such in 2019 when she won the Inspiring Women In Isaac Award. She was nominated again in 2021 and also nominated as Telstra Business Woman of the Year twice. She leads a company that is committed to providing comprehensive knowledge and exceptional service to each and every client, making it a significant supporter of the Moranbah community. Its professional and dedicated team is on the forefront of innovation and client care. MDTM's aim is to create an Automotive Hub in Moranbah, partnering with other local businesses to service the entire Bowen Basin, as well as Mackay and Emerald. This "City to the Bush" concept offers products and services that are so competitive, they attract clients from further afield.

MDTM's capabilities include a wide range of services, including auto electrical, mechanical and tyre requirements. It has eight main divisions that work together to offer customers a one-stop-shop for all their vehicle needs. The company also offers complimentary vehicle pick-up and delivery and a car wash with every service to local families in the community.

“This is what we consider the base level of our client care,” said Carolyn. “I genuinely believe we offer the best service possible in our industry.”

Moranbah Discount Tyres and Mechanical demonstrates innovation, safety, continual improvement and a commitment to growing the business community of Moranbah. Carolyn and the team have been regularly awarded for their dedication and leadership, and the company is a shining example of what can be achieved when a business prioritises its clients, employees and community.

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