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It’s A Dancing Queen Sorta Weekend

You better ‘Take a Chance on Me’ because over these two shows, we’ll have our dancing shoes on and we’ll be dancing our way to Christmas, singing every hit from ABBA’s impressive catalogue along the way.

Coming to the Airlie Beach Hotel stage is none other than SOS, one of Australia’s best ABBA tribute artists.

Samuel Bennett acts as the ineffable Bjorn, and he brings charisma, class and pizzazz like no other.

In the role for coming on seven years, Sam knows exactly what to do and how to do it - when he is up on stage, he will be sure to get the crowd going.

“I have this deep dive passion for ABBA, and I’m thrilled to be in Airlie Beach once again, bringing the sounds of ABBA.”

“We really love coming up to Airlie Beach; it’s always a good time, with the holiday crowd on holiday time. It’s nice to have the beautiful weather and to be with people who just love the music.”

No expense is spared, with SOS bringing across each and every costume, attitude, and energy, ensuring that each and every single member of the crowd has the best time of their lives.

“You can’t have an ABBA show without the ABBA costumes!” Sam explained.

More than just a show, the performance is an experience like no other.

“Our Frida loves to jump off the stage and get involved with the crowd. She’ll roam around and pick on unsuspecting audience members. I remember a time in Airlie when she was singing verses to people, and everyone was having a great time.”

Now, what gets the crowd going?

According to Sam, it’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

“Dancing Queen’ always gets the crowd going. It’d be an absolute tragedy to do an ABBA show without ‘Dancing Queen’. There was a time we were in a mining town in Queensland, to a whole bunch of these big burly mining men, and we thought that the show would be a bust. But as soon as we started playing ‘Dancing Queen’, they started dancing like they were 17 again. It was great!”

But Sam’s favourite to perform are some of the more laid-back classics.

“I love ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’, but all ABBA songs are absolute bangers. Everyone knows the words and everyone sings along.”

Sure to take on the 360-degree stage at the Airlie Beach Hotel, Sam and SOS are ready to rock us into the Christmas spirit and into our holiday breaks.

WHAT: SOS: The Australian ABBA Tribute Show

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Friday December 22, 7pm to 10pm and Saturday December 23 from 2pm to 5.30pm

TICKETS: Absolutely Free

An ABBA tribute like no other, SOS will have us wanting more

Be sure to put your dancing shoes on for this one

Rock us into the holiday period. Photos supplied

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