Friday, November 10, 2023


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It’s Time To Rock With Sarah McLeod

It’s a good time to be alive, with Sarah McLeod and the enigmatic The Superjesus checking in for Airlie Beach Festival of Music, and ensuring great music, and fantastic vibe.

Sarah, lead singer of The Superjesus, says she is more than excited to return to the festival this year.

“We’re busy working, sleeping and drinking water, because once we’re in Airlie Beach, we won’t have any time for that; it’ll be non-stop music and checking out the scenes,” said Sarah.

Sarah, herself, has a busy job, being the official ambassador for the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, as well as on the judge’s panel for the 2023 Passport to Airlie competition.

“I was the unofficial ambassador for years; I just got really into it, and created my own role, but now this will be my third year as official ambassador,” Sarah explained.

As Ambassador, Sarah is busy ensuring the best experience for festival attendees.

“It’s a fantastic job and it’s pretty unique, just telling people about the best things that are happening in Airlie Beach.”

For Sarah, who will be busy across the weekend, performing as part of The Superjesus as well as a soloist, there is no better place than the Airlie Beach Festival of Music to reflect on 2023 and share her great musicality.

“And it’s not just the bands on the Main Stage, but the venues across the main strip. Everyone gets involved, and it’s just amazing. It’s non-stop music. From when you wake up to when you go to sleep, music.”

In particular for 2023, Sarah has just returned home following a massive tour with The Superjesus and their supporter, Perry Street Park, as well as releasing a sweep of new music.

“Perry Street Park are a great vibe, and they bring so much energy and joy. It’s one thing to just stand on stage and perform, and another to get involved and bring the vibes. And the boys of Perry Street, they bring the vibes.”

For The Superjesus set, there will be a bit of everything.

“Our classics with a handful of our best, and our happy new material.”

For Sarah’s solo performances, “It’ll be whatever I’m feeling, and how the crowd is looking. You never know what you’re gonna get with me.”

Branching out as a soloist was a big move for Sarah.

“I find joy in going solo. I’m an eclectic person, and I want to write what I want to write. With Superjesus, we have this specific sound that we can’t really deviate from, but I have a short attention span, and want to do everything.”

With the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, we get the best of Sarah, with The Superjesus and as the phenomenal soloist that she is.

“And there is nothing like the Airlie Beach Festival of Music elsewhere. You’ve got this amazing rock music, alongside the beautiful Whitsundays. You’ve got to experience it at least once.”

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