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Kucom’s Latest Cast Share Their Thoughts

On Contemporary Australian Play

Kucom Theatre’s latest production, ‘Things I Know To Be True’, is a modern Australian drama written by Andrew Bovell, a well-known Australian playwright known for co-writing the screenplay for Strictly Ballroom with Baz Luhrmann.

The story centres around what seems like a typical suburban family: Fran, Bob and their four adult children. In spite of the love they all have for each other, little by little as the seasons turn, the veneer peels away. Perfect becomes imperfect as the dramas of the children wreak havoc on the family.

Read on to find out more about the cast and crew behind Kucom Theatre’s production of ‘Things I Know To Be True’.

Victor Scott – Director

“I have a passion for Australian dramatic works, and Andrew Bovell is the best there is in my opinion. Bovell’s writing feels so natural and real.”

Sarah Neivandt – Fran Price

“I auditioned because I love Bovell’s work … His plots are complex, but his characters are so relatable. This play is particularly appealing as it is set in contemporary Australia and shows the strength of family love despite the personal issues of individual family members.”

Simon Robinson – Bob Price

“Having previously been fortunate enough to be cast in an amazing play by this author, with an awesome cast and twists and turns everywhere, I knew I had to audition for a part and I haven’t been disappointed. I see real life dramas and people, and I can identify with a number of the characters, their reactions and interactions.”

Michael Brennan – Mark / Mia Price

“I auditioned for the role of Mark/Mia because I want to explore a variety of genres. I like the role because it has some intersectionality with my own life experiences, and I am curious to see in which ways I am able to channel an authenticity into the character.”

Nicole Pasquale – Pip Price

“I enjoy plays written by Australian playwrights because I find they connect with our culture. In my role as Pip I get to play a selfish nasty version of myself. I think it will be fun.”

Gordon Lowe – Ben Price

“This play is very different from any other show I have done. It’s very serious, and real, and impactful … My role is great because Ben is very relatable to many people in where he fits in the family dynamic, as well as exploring what happens when a series of bad decisions snowballs into a crisis.”

Shae Robinson – Rosie Price

“The display of family, love, hurt and pain throughout the play allows a pure relation between audience and characters. I can really see parts of myself in the role. I love the depth and inner thinking that my character has and I can’t wait to explore them.”

WHAT: Kucom Theatre’s production of ‘Things I Know To Be True’

WHEN: October 19-21 and 26-28

WHERE: Kucom Theatre

TICKETS: Humanitix

Back row L-R Michael Brennan, Simon Robinson, Gordon Lowe, Victor Scott, front row L-R Sarah Neivandt, Shae Robinson and Nicole Pasquale. Photo supplied

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