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Landslide Classic Rockers Embrace The Airlie Beach Hotel

Dreams are coming true at the Airlie Beach Hotel next weekend with one of the best Fleetwood Mac tribute artists coming to the beach and saying that they love us.

Tusk – The Storybook Tribute to Fleetwood Mac brings all the charm and hit charisma of Fleetwood Mac, getting up close and personal with audiences and showing them what makes this classic rock band one of the greatest groups of all time.

Introducing Penni Jones as the ineffable Stevie Nicks, who’s portrayal of the star is touchingly intimate and hauntingly authentic.

With unforgettable vocals and classic charm, Penni embodies Stevie Nicks and all that she stands for.

Rachel Sifris as Christine McVie is the epitome of class and confidence, with fantastically classic vocals and dedicated and punchy keyboard lines.

Austin Dunmore is unmatched in his accurate recreation of guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, with his all-star guitar skills and the attitude to match.

Next to him is Kane Skinner as Mick Fleetwood on the drums, acting as a crucial backbone to the legendary group, bringing the high-octane energy and non-stop enthusiasm with him.

The group ‘Don’t Stop’ there, with Sam McAinch as John McVie on bass, bringing 20 years of industry professionalism and a dedicated rhythm to the group.

Performing as a tight-knit group for over 10 years, Tusk knows just how to rock a crowd, and Airlie Beach won’t be any different, swaying to the ‘Gold Dust Woman’ and the ‘Big Love’.

We’re not ‘Gonna Go Our Own Way’ with this one, that’s for sure, with the Airlie Beach Hotel making sure to keep the tunes turned all the way up and the drinks and good vibes non-stop.

Taking the journey from the early days of Fleetwood Mac, from the ‘Edge of Seventeen’, through to Stevie Nicks’ solo career, Tusk performs the good, the bad, and ugly, with every ‘Little Lies’ on display for an eager and excited audience.

This group eats, sleeps, and breath’s Fleetwood Mac classics, solidifying the everlasting impact this mammoth band had on the world.

“We’re unlike the usual Fleetwood Mac tribute shows,” explained Penni Jones.

“We’ve thrown out meticulously recreating the songs, we’re after the high energy, the interaction, we’re more about Tusk playing Fleetwood Mac, than being Fleetwood Mac.”

Unmatched in their accurate and tasteful recreation of the iconic Fleetwood Mac sounds, Tusk is not a performance to miss this July, Saturday 8 and July 9.

Take this journey through the story of Fleetwood Mac with the Airlie Beach Hotel, learn from the intimate and authentic Tusk – The Storybook Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, and be touched by the legendary band, iconic for their British blues soundtrack and artistic American pop, which continue to rock globally.

WHAT: Tusk – The Storybook Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9, 2pm to 5.30pm

With over 10 years’ experience performing as the legendary rock band, Tusk is more than ready for the Airlie Beach Hotel

Penni Jones has all the charm and charisma of Stevie Nicks and won’t forget to wow the crowd with odes to Stevie’s solo career

Prepare to be blown away by this touchingly intimate and precious recreation of Fleetwood Mac. Photos supplied

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