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Leading With Purpose Whitsunday Christian College’s 2024 Captains

across year groups being friends, and of assisting each other to better themselves and excel at their chosen passions.

This passion for achieving your personal best, and of helping each other is strong in the 2024 College Captains both Primary and Secondary School.

For Secondary School Captain, Zoe Shepherd-Smith, she decided to become a captain because she’s always admired the captains, since watching them from Prep.

“I’ve seen a lot of captains, and they have helped me develop my own leadership skills, and helped me grow in confidence,” Zoe explained.

“Now that I have the opportunity, I wanted to step up and become a role model for younger years and serve the school. I want to support everyone and make an impact.”

Zoe’s a regular contributor to the school, consistently lending her time and energy to help in productions, school projects and extra curriculars.

“I just want to help out whenever and however I can,” Zoe explained.

“I am always happy to step in and give a hand where I can.”

Zoe is joined by Vice-Captain Paige Whincop, who’s involvement lends itself in the form of advocacy.

“I want to be a voice for the students, and make sure their ideas are heard and we are able to accomplish things that they wish for,” Paige explained.

“I want to be a leader that gets things done, and advocates.

“I want to show every student that we can have fun at school, and that it’s great to get involved with the school and to help out.”

A goal of School Captains is the further Whitsunday Christian College’s community outreach, extending off the great work the 2023 Captains began.

“We want to keep that ball rolling,” explained Paige.

“We want to keep getting involved in the community, with another food drive, and bring in the Primary School. We’ve got fun ideas too, like a bingo night, to help our fundraisers.

Kylie Langshore, Whitsunday Christian College Principal, said she was thrilled to see the new leadership team take shape.

“It’s inspiring to have two strong and confident young ladies take pride in our school,” she said.

“These ladies are working hard to contribute and create positive change, and they have already been quite successful and influential within the school community.”

Alongside Zoe and Paige are the two Primary Captains Oliver Webb and Elliana Langshore who are excited to instil positive energy and happiness in the College’s Primary School.

For Oliver, becoming a Captain is something he’s always aspired to do.

“My brother was a captain,” Oliver explained.

“He inspired me, and I am excited for what we can do.”

Elliana knew she wanted to become a captain since Year 3.

“I tried my hardest, and I want to be a voice for Primary School,” Elliana explained.

This pair have big plans for the College’s Primary School, wishing to hold the inaugural Whitsunday Christian College Talent Show, to allow each and every student the opportunity to showcase their special talent.

“We want to be able to give students the chance to get up and show off their talents and to encourage each other,” Elliana said.

Ms Langshore is excited for these two young students to stand at the helm of the College’s Primary school, and is pleased to see them bringing enthusiasm and excitement to the role.

“Our College is cultivating a culture of encouragement, and Oliver and Elliana are prepared and excited to help each and every student to achieve their own personal best,” she explained.

These Captains will be joined by other school leaders, along with the revitalised Student Representative Club, to promote the goals and values of the College.

Led by Year 12 Student Jackson Riley, the updated Student Representative Club will more closely work with the College Captains, to collaborate across year levels and college leadership with the informed opinions of students.

The year of 2024 is looking bright for Whitsunday Christian College, led by the confident and capable hands of young people, who’s enthusiasm is palpable and ideas are running rampant, ready to cultivate the College’s culture.

   1. The Senior Leadership Team

   2. The Primary Leadership Team

   3. The Senior Captains

   4. The Primary Captains

   5. Senior Captain, Zoe Shepherd-Smith, with parents

   6. Senior Vice-Captain, Paige Whincop, with mother

   7. SRC President, Jackson Riley, with parents

   8. Primary Captain, Ellianna Langshore, with parents

   9. Primary Captina, Oliver Webb, with parents. Photos supplied

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