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Let The Music Play This Christmas!

With A Perfect Present From Mackay Music

Whether you're embarking on a musical journey as a novice, searching for your dream instrument as a seasoned professional, or in need of comprehensive event gear, Mackay Music stands as the reliable choice committed to meeting all your musical needs.

With a legacy of twenty-four years in the business, Owner Kelly Cacciola and her team have made Mackay Music a go-to destination for musicians of all ages and skill levels.

The team at Mackay Music boasts a range of expertise, catering to everyone from little kids eager to play the ukulele to school students mastering brass and woodwind instruments, and teenagers ready to rock out with their first electric guitars.

Christmas is a bustling time for the store that offers an extensive range of items from guitars, amps, violins, keyboards, and pianos to harmonicas and percussion instruments, including electronic drum kits.

Kelly stated, “Everyone has different needs and that’s what we’re here for, for them to come in and find what’s best for them.

“They might like the look of something, but it might not really be what’s best for the style of music they’re playing.” You can’t get the ‘hands on’ experience from looking online, you need to come in to feel and play the instrument.

As the holiday season approaches, Mackay Music is offering enticing deals that are sure to strike a chord with music enthusiasts. One popular offer is the Fender Pack, featuring the Squier Sonic Stratocaster, Squier Frontman 10 watt amp, along with accessories like a padded gig bag, 3 metre cable, strap, and picks priced at $529.

The Tanglewood Reunion electric/acoustic guitar is available at a discounted price of $349, a significant $150 in savings.

The mahogany Tanglewood Auld Trinity is another attractive option, now retailing at $399 down from $599. Additionally, the Tanglewood concert-size mahogany ukulele is on sale at $129, marked down from $179.

Mackay Music also offers low-cost shipping, ensuring that customers can access a wide range of instruments and equipment regardless of location. The convenience extends to both online and in-store support, as well as services like guitar and violin restringing and repairs.

To explore Mackay Music's full catalogue, visit their website at or drop by their store at 28 Sydney Street.

The infamous wall of electric and acoustic guitars at Mackay Music

Pianos, brass and woodwind instruments galore

Bongo drums are a quirky gift idea this Christmas

Photo credit: Sinead Porter

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