Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Letter To The Editor

What the Federal Government should be doing to combat the cost of living or rising interest rates?

What an exhausting question!

The Federal Government, or any level of Government cannot be responsible for what the Individual can do to combat the cost of living and rising interest rates.

The Individual can examine what moves them forward and puts them into the best position for future advancement.  

Only the Individual can affect the change by identifying present and future income streams and current and past spending, to live within one's means.

It is hard, and it's never been easy, to actually put in different effort, and sustain that effort to change and develop better habits where the onus is on the Individual to identify and creatively solve one's own problems!

Pressure with cost of living, fluctuating interest rates, other economic dramas, are perennial.

No Government anywhere can stop the turbulence.

Making ends meet does improve one's lifestyle, relationships and level of gratitude.  

(Sender asked name not to be printed).

This letter to the editor was in response to the Editor’s Note published 24 February, titled ‘The Squeeze Gets Tighter’.

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