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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Life Beneath The Surface Art Exhibit

Art Whitsunday has just moved its most recent art exhibit from Mackay to Airlie Beach and it is now showing at The Heart Hotel and Gallery.

Entitled, ‘Life Beneath the Surface’ the exhibit is a collaboration by Art Whitsunday Inc. artists highlighting their personal interpretation of life beneath natural surfaces in the Whitsundays.

Surfaces could be portrayed as rainforest canopy, reef coral ledge, fresh or salt water, cloud, flowering sugar cane, cave roof, sand, ground, or sky.

The warm, wet tropical climate supports prolific life through recurring life cycles in rich ecosystems where plants, creatures, and microorganisms co-exist in light and darkness, often unseen by the naked eye.

Underworlds could be depicted imaginatively, realistically, in stylised or abstract styles.

Artist Sue Baker came up with the ‘Life Beneath the Surface’ theme and said it can mean many things.

“You hope people interpret it not literally, it can mean so many things, it can be people, it can anything,” said Sue.

Belinda Curry added that “It can be emotional state of mind, there are things that lie underneath the surface.”

“When I did mine (art work), it’s about what is lying under the surface, beneath us that we don’t really see.

“We see the surface layer, but we really don’t know what’s underneath.”

President of Art Whitsunday Inc. Glenda Vickers said she likes that the theme is left for interpretation.

“Each artist has interpreted that theme in their own way, some have told a story, others are very realistic and representational of realism but all with the Whitsundays in our heart,” said Glenda

Glenda added, “As a founding member of Art Whitsunday Inc. and as its current President, I am very proud of our recipient’s organisation with its history of nearly 40 years in supporting our Whitsunday regional artists.”

“I extend a very warm welcome to any Whitsunday artists who would like to join our organisation.

“Congratulations to all exhibiting artists.”

Belinda Curry, Ross Scanlon, President of Art Whitsunday Incorporated Glenda Vickers, Carolyn Shannon, Sue Baker and Claudia Gray. Photo credit: Daniel Heggie

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