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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Lifesaving Locals Breathing New Life Into Rescue Skills

Mackay Surf Lifesaving Club recently travelled to Alva Beach, Ayr to compete in the North Barrier Branch Champion Lifesaver Carnival. The event involves lifesavers being assessed on their surf sports fitness, patient assessment and CPR skills, as well as a detailed theory paper.

Mackay SLSC Director of Surf Sports, Josh Grant said, “This competition is extremely important in developing the skills of our lifesavers.

“These are the people who patrol our beaches and are there for the community to make going to the beach safe and enjoyable.

“It is a very challenging multi-disciplined event that tests competitors in a number of different scenarios that could one day save someone’s life,” he added.

“The surf club’s lifesavers had some outstanding individual results with Under 15’s Nate McKinnon and Zara Richardson taking out first, Under 14’s Meliana Craig taking out second and in the Under 13’s Cadence McKinnon finished first with Isabella Grant missing out on second by half a point to finish third,” said Mr Grant.

“The club is extremely proud to see our lifesavers excel at such an important event. This was all thanks to the coaching of Cathy McKinnon who will now lead the team heading into state and national titles for this important lifesaving competition.”

If members of the community are looking at joining the surf club, or give back to the community by becoming a Champion Lifesaver, contact for details on up-and-coming training courses.

Mackay SLSC Champion Lifesaver Team at Alva Beach, Ayr

First Place Under 15 Champion Lifesavers Nate McKinnon and Zara Richardson

Under 15 Zara Richardson in action during the tube race, placing first out of all competitors

Competitors taking to the water at Alva Beach in the Under 15 surf race

Under 13 Champion Lifesavers Cadence McKinnon and Isabella Grant

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