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Lifetimes Of Service Awarded In King’s Honours

Three exceptional individuals in the region have been recognised for their remarkable contributions to the community as part of the 2024 King’s Birthday Honours List.

William ‘Bill’ Faint, Len Goode and Christopher Haswell were recently selected to be honoured with William and Len receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and Christopher being honoured with the Ambulance Service Medal (ASM).

William Faint, also known as Bill is a former councillor from Clermont and has dedicated fifty years of his life to serving his community. His contributions to the Clermont Show Society and rodeo have been invaluable and his efforts in spearheading funding for the Clermont Showgrounds have left a lasting legacy.

Alongside Rob Whelan, Faint played a pivotal role in securing resources for the community, as evidenced by the pavilions named in their honour. Faint's humility and dedication have endeared him to the people of Clermont.

Len Goode, a former butcher turned community leader in Sarina, exemplifies selflessness and commitment. His involvement in five different organisations including the Lions Club, Apex club, Sarina Leagues club as well as the Sarina Senior and Junior Rugby League, showcases his passion for community service. As the chief organiser for various events in Sarina, Goode has demonstrated leadership and organisational skills that have positively impacted the community.

Len’s contributions extend beyond social activities as he also played a crucial role in community infrastructure projects such as the Sarina Swimming Pool construction committee. Goode's lifelong dedication has earned him the admiration and respect of his peers within the region of Sarina.

Officer Christopher (Chris) Haswell, Advanced Care Paramedic, Mackay Ambulance Station has been recognised for his long and exceptional service over 48 years, his dedication to his community and the QAS with an Ambulance Service Medal (ASM).

He’s also being recognised as an accomplished clinician, remaining calm during some of the most time-critical incidents, and for his role in mentoring and providing educational support to many junior officers over the years.

The ASM recognises distinguished service as a member of an Australian ambulance service and is the highest national award recognising ambulance officers’ contributions to their service and communities.

Officer Haswell has the QAS in his blood, as he, his father and grandfather all served as ambulance officers in the then Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade (QATB).

“We have 136 years of accumulated service between us, with my grandfather serving from 1911 to 1960s, my father serving from 1957 to 2010 and I started as an honorary officer in 1975 in Emerald as a 16-year-old, helping the ambulance officers on some of their jobs,” he said.

Len Goode. Photo supplied

Officer Christopher Haswell, Advanced Care Paramedic. Photo supplied

Bill Faint and Rob Whelan. Photo credit: Clermont Beef Show

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