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Live The Death You Please

Talking about death and dying won’t kill you, and neither will watching a film about it.

This is the message a new and inspiring documentary is bringing audiences all over the country during National Palliative Care Week.

A total of 60 cinemas in Australia will be showing ‘Live The Life You Please’ and Event Cinemas, Mount Pleasant is one of them.

The film follows the journeys of several individuals who experience end-of-life-care and it aims to change the public perception on death and what it means to be cared for in your final days.

Common misperceptions of palliative care include that pain is an inevitable part of dying, palliative care hastens death, you can only receive it in hospital, and it is on only available days before you die.

In fact, palliative care is known to prolong death, be filled with moments of intense joy and can be flexible to meet your needs, giving you the control on when, where and how you die.

By following the diverse range of stories in the documentary, audiences witness how palliative care can come with many positives.

“Their powerful stories will show you that palliative care is more than medicine. It’s about quality of life. It’s about providing physical, social, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their loved ones,” said a spokesperson.

“It makes the social and economic case for increased support of essential services including palliative care, aged care, community care, allied health and the support of carers at home.”

The film introduces audiences to the advocates campaigning tirelessly to make palliative care available to every Australian where and when they need it – be that in aged care, a hospital setting or at home.

At the heart of ‘Live The Life You Please’ is a series of unexpected moments of joy caught between caregivers, patients and their families.

Director Mike Hill said that people thought he was crazy for making a film about death, but that, having experienced such amazing insights, he would do it all over again.

“What I’ve learned is that talking or thinking about death won’t kill you. In fact, it will do quite the opposite - it will enhance your life,” he said.

“Making this film was an incredibly empowering experience. The infinite capacity for humans to grow even whilst grappling with life-limiting illness was inspiring.

“The film will make you smile, laugh, laugh harder and occasionally shed a tear as it shares the stories of a diverse range of Australians experiencing their last chapter.”

“I hope that people will use this film as a conversation starter to talk about a difficult subject, feel better about what the future holds and use that knowledge to live the life they please.”

You can see ‘Live The Life You Please’ at Event Cinema Mount Pleasant during National Palliative Care Week, May 22-28.

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