Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Local Author Releases New Children’s Book

An educational yet engaging children’s book has just been released by local author, Sofia Fortunato, who shares the journey of her own science-based career and teaches young readers that any type of future is possible.

Entitled “Magic big sister”, the book is authored and illustrated by Sofia Fortunato and is the fifth in a series of books that teach about science and connect with nature.

The initial idea to write the book came four years ago while observing her children playing with cardboard boxes.  

“Which kid doesn’t like cardboard boxes? Right? Sometimes you just give them toys but then they would use their creativity and take a cardboard box to a whole new level, and that's exactly what this book is all about - creativity,” Mrs Fortunato said.

“Creativity is an important part of children's playtime and so it's for Science disciplines. In this book two sisters take you into their playtime while turning their games into exciting science adventures, using cardboard boxes.”

Magic Big Sister took four years for Sofia to finish.

“When I initially had the idea and wrote it, the story didn’t feel ready. It never felt ready,” explains the author.

“I wasn’t a perfectionist or anything like that, I was just certain that the story was missing something, and that something was the STEM educational part of it, the missing part was to teach my own background to children, Science careers!”

Sofia will be reading Magic big sister at the local libraries during the first week of the school holiday and will also have an official book launch at 3 Little birds, Airlie Beach, on April 5.

Magic Big Sister is the fifth book released by local author Sofia Fortunato. Photo supplied

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