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Local Performer Receives Amplifying Support

A local musician was performing at the front of a local supermarket, hoping to spread joy through his music, when an aggressive individual approached him and deliberately poured water over his amplifier.
This malicious act occurred last week at Coles in Andergrove and quickly caught the attention of bystanders, prompting a Facebook post to condemn the incident and call for support for the musician, Joshua Vine.
The response was overwhelming, with community members expressing outrage and compassion to the point of offering their amplifiers to replace the damaged one. One individual even volunteered to repair it free of charge for the local artist.  
Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music collaborated with Yamaha Music Mackay to cover the remaining costs for a replacement amplifier through public donations.
Star 101.9 radio station also reached out through a social media post in hopes of finding the artist as they expressed their interest in interviewing Josh and recording his new single, ‘Outgrown,’ live on air.
As the opportunity arose, Joshua made a live appearance on the radio station, where local listeners were left in awe of the amazing talent that flowed from Joshua’s voice in the studio.
From what was deemed to be a devastating result of the ruined amplifier, soon turned into an outpour of support from the community and various organisations, including the generous gift of a new amplifier along with a live on-air radio opportunity.
With new doors opening in Joshua’s musical journey, we hope that opportunities continue to arise in his future.

Joshua Vine has been gifted a new amplifier after he was approached by a malicious individual who ruined his equipment whilst performing at a local supermarket.  Photo source: STAR 101.9FM Mackay

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