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Local Siblings Getting It Dunn

By Sam Gillespie

Much like the Bee Gees, Luke, Sarah and Ryan Dunn are three siblings following their music dreams.

Unlike the Bee Gees, the Mackay “family band” are impressing local crowds with their fresh take on indie punk music, fusing all their favourite genres to create a unique sound.

Their band, Red Veridian, takes its name from the colours Luke, Sarah and Ryan associate with this sound, with red and viridian sitting almost opposite each other on the colour wheel.

“What the name has actually come to mean is duality and we try to encompass that with genres, lyrical content, everything the music encompasses,” said guitarist Luke.

Luke’s obsession with punk music and guitars started at the age of 13 and, being the oldest sibling, his taste heavily influenced that of Sarah and Ryan.

“That’s how Ryan got forced into starting drums because the parents decided he was going to be a drummer and bought him a drum kit,” Luke said.

“I didn’t even really like drums when I first started playing them,” laughed Ryan.

The boys began jamming together in 2017, ultimately forming another local band, Subservia, while Sarah’s singing background was in musical theatre.

It wasn’t until the outbreak of the pandemic, with Sarah moving home from Sydney, that she started writing music with Luke after he’d recently left Subservia.

“I was out with a vengeance,” Luke laughed.

“I wanted to create something better.

“I think Subservia’s awesome, but that was one of the motivating forces.”

Ryan, who still drums for Subservia and lives with Luke at the time, had already agreed to play music with his siblings once they’d started writing, and so Red Veridian was formed.

The trio agreed that being in a band with siblings brings with it certain perks.

“Siblings don’t mind giving it to each other a bit,” laughed Luke.

“And letting them know that you’ve taken it too far,” added Sarah.

“But then you always cool down and come back and it’s never actually a problem.

“We all have a really good relationship.

“The dynamic is good but just a bit more honest.”

Drawing on those punk influences from their childhood, the Dunns’ listening has varied drastically throughout the years as they aim to incorporate elements of indie, blues, jazz, folk, metal and hardcore.

They’re coming through in a Mackay music scene that they said is now livelier and more diverse than ever before.

“There’s actually a fair few bands in Mackay now which is good to see,” said Ryan.

“When Subservia started up in 2017, there was really only a handful of bands.

“There’s now a few younger bands starting up which is awesome.”

Having played local venues like Empire, Hotel Mackay and Harrup Park, Red Veridian deliver an energetic live show that truly encapsulates their diverse catalogue of influences.

They’re excited to play at Pocket Sessions on Saturday, August 5 with more gig announcements to come.

Red Veridian’s debut single ‘Silver Mantle’, a punchy punk tune released in April, is a perfect introduction to the band and comes before their second single, ‘Glass Houses’, which hits streaming services tomorrow, Saturday June 3.

“Glass Houses goes heavier and softer and everything in between,” said Luke.

The singles come off the band’s debut album, ‘Misconceived Felonies and Rabbits From The Hat’, which they will be releasing to the world in two parts over the next few months.

Luke, Sarah and Ryan Dunn of Red Veridian. Photo supplied

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