Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Love Thy Neighbour?

To celebrate Neighbour Day 2023, Mackay Regional Council is asking residents, “would you like the opportunity to get to know your neighbours better and become a legendary neighbour”?

It’s a great twist on the campaign from previous years by aiming to strengthen neighbourhood bonds, rather than rewarding the already strong ones, so in times of disaster communities can act more cohesively to help one another.

But what do you do when your neighbour is less than legendary?

I received a call from a concerned Northern Beaches resident who has seemingly exhausted avenues when it comes to a neighbour blocking a grass verge. The residence is located next to a park with play equipment, and the occupants have covered the grass verge in front of their home with vehicles and machinery, meaning any families walking to the park would need to walk out onto the road to reach the playground.

When the concerned member of the community contacted council for advice, he said he was advised that the property in question had already previously been issued notice, yet nothing appears to have improved.

There are a number of questions that arise from a situation like this; is it illegal to cover the grass verge in front of your home or is it only frowned upon? If it is illegal, who polices the situation? If issuing a council notice provides no result, what is the point of the notice, and where does one go from there?

These are questions we hope to uncover answers for in our upcoming investigation, in an effort to help this community and others who may be facing a similar situation.

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